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Falcons Primary School

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 Your children start their education at Falcons Primary with us in their Reception year. In Reception we strive to develop active, independent learners who question and care for the world around them. 

We usually have two Reception classes. Each class is led by a teacher and supported by a teaching assistant. The classes have separate areas for carpet times such as register, phonics, storytime and maths but then share an open-plan classroom and outdoor classroom/playground. This year our classes are:

The Owls - led by Ms Southard

The Robins - led by Miss Popat

We believe that our children learn best through a fun, play-based approach to learning both indoors and outdoors and we plan and develop exciting and stimulating activities and opportunities to achieve this. 

Year 1 and 2

This year our Year 1 and 2 classes are mixed, this decision was made following the Covid lockdowns to ensure the best learning experiences and opportunities for the children. In the mornings following registration the Year 1 and Year 2 children attend separate groupings for phonics, literacy and maths before returning to their classes for topic work.

This year the classes are:

 Kingfisher Class - taught by Mrs Mistry

Osprey Class - taught by Miss Sanghera

Songthrush Class - taught by Mrs Ford

Year 3

This year the classes are:

 Siskin Class - taught by Miss Chauhan

Goldcrest Class - taught by Miss Norwood

Year 4

This year the classes are:

 Nightingale Class - taught by Ms Kaur

Osprey Class - taught by Miss Dempsey

Year 5

This year the classes are:

 Avocet Class - taught by Mrs White

Jay Class - taught by Mrs Vaz

Year 6

This year the classes are:

 Wren Class - taught by Mrs Dasanjh

Gannet Class - taught by Miss Shah