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Falcons Primary School

Midlands Langar Seva Society

This year to mark the 551st Gurpurb of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji, Falcons Primary school held a special “Gurpurb Day” celebration. The day was filled with a range of creative activities, workshops, presentations and virtual technology  around the core Sikh values.

Focusing on the universal principles of “Kirat Karo”- working ethically, “Naam Jappo” - contemplate the Divine and “Vand Shako”- transform the world through sharing.  

The school held a non-uniform day to raise funds for Midlands Langar Seva Society.

“At Falcons Primary we want our pupils to have a foundation in Sikh values that inspire them to be conscientious humanitarians. Contributing to Seva is a powerful way to put these values into practice.” Kartar Singh- Sikh curriculum coordinator.

Headteacher Jasbir Mann said “We are delighted that our Falcons pupils, families, staff and community have raised £465.96 for an organisation that makes a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people.”