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Physical Literacy/PE

 What is Physical Literacy?

For children to get physically active, they need to feel confident in different settings. At Falcons we believe that confidence stems from having learned fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills as soon as they start with us in Reception. The development of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills is critical if children are to feel good about physical activity.

Physical Literacy is the mastering of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that permit a child to understand their environment and make appropriate decisions, allowing them to move confidently and with control in a wide range of physical activity situations. It supports long-term participation and performance to the best of one’s ability.

Although many children develop good physical skills on their own, there are many who do not. Physically skilled children often enjoy vigorous healthy play, while the less skilled are often left out. This can lead to decreased effort and eventual withdrawal from physical activities.

At Falcons we believe that being active can help children

* Maintain a healthy body weight
* Improve movement skills
* Increase fitness
* Build healthy hearts
* Have fun and feel happiness
* Develop self-confidence
* Improve learning and attention

At Falcons we have invested in the SAQ Programme

Speed, Agility and Quickness-A system of progressive exercise and instruction, aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities, balance, co-ordination and ultimately , complete control of body movement.

Staff and children have been working alongside an SAQ trainer to develop fundamental movement skills, which create firm foundations for successful involvement in Physical activity.  The programme is designed to help the children become physically literate, lead active healthy lifestyles and have higher levels of self-esteem. 

We are also planning on engaging parents and raising awareness about the programme by offering an early morning parent and child session on a Wednesday 8.15am-8.30am starting on the 2nd March 2016.

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 P.E (Physical education) and sports premium

Sport Premium is an amount of money which the government has agreed to allocate to schools to increase the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision, and increase participation in PE and Sport. The funding amount received by schools is based upon the number of children of primary age at the school.  

For more information please  click on PE_and_Sports_Premium_2016-17.pdf

Falcons is taking part in Kids Marathon

 Kids’ Marathon is an exciting project from children’s charity Kids Run Free. The project aims to give primary school children the opportunity to complete a marathon throughout the course of the school year by running laps of a course once or twice a week during their lunch break. The concept is based on personal achievement rather than competition - this encourages all children, regardless of fitness ability to take part by running as much or as little as they choose.


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