Falcons Primary School


Admissions Policy

Falcons Primary School (FPS) adheres to the Leicester City Council’s primary coordinated admissions scheme for first time admissions and in-year (mid-term) admissions.  We are committed to following the School Admissions Code, the School Admission Appeals Code, and participate in full with Leicester City Council’s Fair Access Protocol. Akaal Education Trust is the admission authority.  The admission arrangements if require changing will be consulted on in accordance with the school admissions codes and once determined by the Trustees and Governors of the Academy Trust will be on the FPS’s website by 1st May in the determining year. 

Admission NUmber 

In order to ensure that FPS complies with infant class size legislation, the admission number for 4+ entries (foundation stage ii) for September 2015/2016 was up to 60 children.  In addition, FPS offered up to 60 places, for September 2015/2016 entry into Year 1. For the main admission round (foundation stage ii), all on-time preferences are considered simultaneously.  If the school is oversubscribed, all applications for places are ranked using the school’s over subscription criteria.  Late applications receive the lowest priority however will still be considered under the same FPS admissions criteria.  If FPS is under subscribed all pupils that apply will be offered a school place at FPS up to the admission number.

Catchment Area

FPS does not have a designated catchment area. 

The over subscription criteria 

For all children whose statement of special educational needs (SEN) names FPS in their statement will be admitted.   Where FPS is oversubscribed, FPS will split the applications by faith and non-faith, and rank the application in accordance to the following over subscription criteria:
Admission Policy Entry 2018 and mid terms 2018-19

Admission Policy Entry 2019 and midterms 2019-20