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The school opened in October 2014 to reception and year one children in newly refurbished buildings at Gipsy Lane, Leicester. Over time the school will grow to be a 420 pupil primary school. The Sikh ethos school opened under the Governments Free Schools programme and will provide for Leicester children from all backgrounds with at least 50% of places available for non-Sikh children.

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We want you to be confident that Falcons Primary School is the right choice for your family. Although our website will give you a good overview of our school, we would very much encourage you and your child to visit us to experience first-hand what our school is like and how it would feel to be a parent and pupil here.

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"In a true democracy every man and women is taught to think for himself or herself".
M.K. Gandhi 

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What Pupils Say

  • “I like dressing up as a princess in role play.”

  • “I like Falcons because, when I’m alone and I don’t have anyone to play with, someone always comes up to me and plays with me.”

  • “I like Falcons School because my favourite subject is Maths and I get to do lots of hard work.”

  • “I like my school because we have fun activities in our class. When we wrote our poem we performed in front of the whole class. We used our loud clear voice and super actions. It was so much fun.”

  • “I like Falcons Primary School because there are lots of afterschool clubs like Abacus, Tae Kwon Do, Kirtan and Santhia”

  • “I like phonics because it is fun.”